Lotus Domino: Application Assimilation – A Programmer Sight


There are two strategies for application combination:

oProgrammer’s method – for applications assimilation it is essential to develop some program codes;

oIntegrator’s strategy – in this instance unique software are to be used and the integration procedure set up by those software program setups.

The adhering to tools might be made use of for the initial approach:

oODBC. In Lotus Domino codes may be utilized:

oThree @- functions (@DbColumn, @DbLookUp and also), which deal with registrated ODBC-drivers. @DbColumn returns the whole column from exterior table, @DbLookUp procedure search by the key, and @DbCommand runs a command of ODBC-driver or external table (for ex, UDATE or DELETE);.

oThree inside LotusScript Data Things (LS: DO), which sustain link procedure, running of SQL-request and give procedures with received result table. This device is more adaptable compared to use of defined over @- features (especially, deals device, mistakes taking care of, etc);.

oFreeNotesSQL ® ODBC-driver allows calling Lotus Domino data sources by SQL. This technique is offered just for basic Lotus Domino databases, as them are not relationship data sources as well as SQL is bad to deal with (problems with multiple fields values and various fields set in papers);.

oJDBC. For straight using of JDBC mechanism, cost-free IBM JDBC-driver could be downloaded, which enables calling Lotus Domino data sources from Java-applications. This approach is better then make use of NotesSQL ® ODBC-driver, yet could not be usage with complicated data sources. JDBC innovation also utilizing in some combination devices, however JDBC itself is concealed from the programmer( as instance, making use of construct in JSP Personalized Tag Libraries);.


oOLE. Using of this technology remains in the Microsoft platforms framework. If this restriction is acceptable for a job, then using of this innovation allows information exchanging from LotusScript to OLE-applications. Specifically it is possible to export information from Lotus Domino to MS Excel or MS Word. This innovation often is utilizing to produce reports for Lotus Domino data. In Lotus Domino exists Notes/FX mechanism, which implicitly utilizes OLE- innovations. This device enables to process automated information exchange between fields of Lotus Domino forms and also details mentioned on OLE-server. Lately Notes/FX are made use of in really applications very seldom;.


oXML. Using of this innovation in Lotus Domino R 6 enables processing of Lotus Domino things’ stream change (papers, layout elements, ACL, etc.) into XML and back, apply in a stream XSLT to XML, put filters on translated/received details, along with testimonial XML by build in LotusScript-classes, refined DOM as well as SAX parsing;.


oHTML. If an HTTP job is started on Domino web server, then from exterior applications is readily available sending/receiving information by of the same name procedure;.


oCORBA. This technology used in Lotus Domino extra in Java material. Applets, servlets, Domino JSP Custom-made Tag Libraries, utilizing this innovation may trade data with Lotus Domino;.


Apart in integration options line are DECS (Domino Business Connection Services), DCR (Information Link Resources) and also BOUQUET (IBM Lotus Enterprise Integrator for Domino) innovations. These technologies except of coding demand management settings to be tuned as well as might be refer as to very first (programmer) as to 2nd (integrator) approaches to integrate applications.


DECS modern technology enables direct connection with DB2, Oracle, MS SQL Web server, Sybase resources, as well as exterior sources by ODBC and also OLE technologies.


DECS innovation requests of the same name task on the Domino web server, as well as some setups in” DECS Administrator” database. Two sorts of papers could be produced in this data source:.


oConnection, which provides the opportunity connecting with an external system. Without details, let state that this document offers the path to exterior resource and login and password for this link;.


oActivity, offers communication between Lotus Domino fields as well as information from outside source. The correspondence is appointed by special Lotus Domino form as well as fields. This record can support approximately four case kinds (type open in Lotus Domino, information transforming, deleting or new document production in Lotus Domino). After Activity record is turned on the exact same processes in exterior source will certainly be begun if the monitoring cases happen in Lotus Domino. For example, assigning as well as conserving the brand-new data in Lotus Domino (in case ifthem are tracking), analog information arrive in outside source.


DECS device works appropriately in instance if external source data are worked with only by Lotus Domino. Otherwise, if the information arrived in outside resource omitting Lotus Domino they do not immediately moved to Lotus Domino.


DCR innovation showed up in Lotus Domino R 6, is a user interface expansion for DECS innovation and job only with matching job on Domino DCR server. Without information, the new style aspect by name DCR may be thought about as analog of Connection file from” DECS Manager” data source. By the way, examples of Activity documents are determinated straight in Lotus Domino kinds.


BOUQUET technology might be thought about as establishing of DECS. Using of LEI enables to programmers a lot more opportunities for data processing with integrate in Lotus Port Courses for kiu kiu online .